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Jubilation at Temple Beth-El

Jubilation joins us in song and worship monthly and for special occasions.

Jubilation - Peace, Love and Harmony

Two guitars and four part harmony vocals include pop, gospel and blue grass and traditional and original Jewish songs.

Phil Levy - Guitarist

Trienah Meyers - Vocals and Percussion

Barbara Steinberg - Vocals and Percussion

Matt McKeown - Guitar and Drum

Music Files from Cantor Fine

During the High Holy Days, we use special melodies during our services. The melodies reflect the sacred and special nature of these awe-filled days, but they are different than the Shabbat tunes so many of you know so well. We hope that by sharing some of the High Holy Day melodies with you ahead of time, you will be able to come to services feeling prepared, confident, and ready to pray with us.

Cantor Nina Fine, our cantor for the High Holy Days, has graciously shared with us these sound files. You can hear similar themes in the Kaddish and the Barchu for daytime and a separate melodic theme for the evening for both Kaddish and Barchu. Bonus Challenge: When you hear the two different themes for evening versus daytime, what do they make you think of? Take a listen, think it through a bit, and then find Cantor Fine when she’s here to let her know what you think.

May these High Holy Days be meaningful and enjoyable for us all, and may you and your loved ones all be sealed for good in the Book of Life!


Barchu HH Evening
Barchu HH Daytime
Chatzi Kaddish HH Evening
Chatzi Kaddish HH Daytime


Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyar 5784