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Membership Commitment & Enrollment Information

  • For Membership categories, please refer to the Membership Rates/Dues Categories¬†schedule included with your packet or available on our Membership page.
  • The Annual Membership Commitment contribution is payable yearly or in monthly/quarterly installments.
  • Fiscal year Membership Commitments are billed on a yearly basis in July. The annual membership commitment will be pro-rated if joining within the fiscal year.
  • Everyone is welcome at our Temple. If you have concerns about your ability to pay, we encourage you to speak confidentially with our Administrator. Any request for a reduced membership rate must be discussed with the Membership Chairperson¬†for approval.¬†

Financial Information

I/We want to become a member of Temple Beth-El, and will make a personal & financial commitment to the support & continuation of this community. I/we are able to support the Temple at the financial level chosen.

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